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  • Mon, Jan 4, 2016

    Three In Custody After Brazen Shooting Death Of New Mayor In Mexico

    A day after the newly inaugurated mayor of a city in central Mexico was gunned down in a brazen shooting at her home, three people, including a minor, were taken into custody for questioning by authorities, reports The Associated Press. Gisela Mota, 33, a former federal lawmaker, had been sworn in  More...

  • Mon, Jan 4, 2016

    Camille Cosby: What Does She Know?

    A Massachusetts judge has ordered Bill Cosby‘s wife and longtime business manager to testify in a defamation suit brought against him by seven women, according to The Huffington Post. U.S. Magistrate Judge David H. Hennessy denied Camille Cosby’s motion to quash a subpoena ordering her depositi  More...

  • Sun, Jan 3, 2016

    “Due To The Corrupt System, I Have A Dead Child:” Mother Of Tamir Rice Speaks On Non-Indictment Of Ohio Officers

    In a Saturday appearance on MSNBC, Samaria Rice, the mother of Tamir Rice, told Melissa Harris-Perry the non-indictment of the Ohio officer who fatally shot her son made her “mad as hell.” “Due to the corrupt system, I have a dead child,” she said. “I feel like breath has been taken out of  More...