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Georgia DA Seeks To Charge Officer Involved In Shooting Of Anthony Hill


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Last year’s shooting of an unarmed mentally ill Black man in Atlanta has prompted prosecutors to seek an indictment against the White police officer involved in his death, The New York Times reports.
Hill died in March after his encounter with Officer Robert Olsen. The officer responded to a call on the day of March 9 at an apartment building where Hill, previously diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, was having a mental episode.
Witnesses claimed the 27-year-old had his hands in the air during the encounter, but Olsen argued Hill did not comply with his orders. Partially naked, Hill was then shot twice in the torso. His death sparked local protests about police treatment of the mentally ill. Hill’s family confirmed his PTSD with reporters, saying he was deployed to Afghanistan during his time in the Air Force.
On Thursday, Attorney Robert D. James Jr. of DeKalb County told reporters he planned to recommend the veteran officer be indicted on felony murder, aggravated assault, and violation of oath of office charges.
Via The New York Times:
“Our position is that the facts and the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of Anthony Hill warrant a charge for felony murder,” Mr. James said at a news conference here on Thursday morning.
A civil grand jury investigated Hill’s death last year and suggested officials look into the case. Bridget Anderson, Hill’s girlfriend who witnessed the shooting, said she was pleased with the possibility of an indictment.
Olsen will be allowed to testify before the grand jury before a decision is made.
SOURCE: New York Times | VIDEO CREDIT: Inform
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    Thu, Jan 7, 2016 at 6:09 pm

    Hmmm. Let’s see Hill had his hands in plain view, in the air as a matter of fact. Therefore this was a signal for the officer to not shoot and he shot him anyway. I’m getting the impression that when that officer was dispatched and told possibly that the disturbance came from an mentally- ill person his mind was already set. Whatever happened to using the tazer if he felt that Hill would be a threat? That would of subdued him and kept him alive(?).

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