Are you a business owner, service provider, event promoter or independent artists looking for new ways to spread the word? Well Hearts Exposed Heart Online Radio is just the marketing tool you need. Creator and hostess Lakrush Hearts, an event promoter and service provider, knows first hand how difficult it can be to find the time and tools to spread the word about your endeavors. So, we have created innovative solutions that will help benefit both your cause and Hearts Exposed Heart’s vision.

Utilizing our services will position yourself to gain a reach to our growing daily audience of diverse listeners, globally, who share many common interests and lifestyles. We provide a clutter free environment on our website as well an organized format for our weekly live shows, that’s sure to get your message across to our visitors and listeners.

Live on air broadcasts three times a week with two hour shows ranging on a variety of topics with features including independent music submissions, live interviews and a 24/7 music stream. Each live broadcast is recorded making them accessible by download, automatic submissions archived on our ITunes and Spreaker pages, shareable on social media networks and subject to schedule for rebroadcasting at a later date.

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A talk radio show of exploration and discovery with a streak of controversy. Our mission is to build a supportive community for conversing on a plethora of topics. A shared journey into “matters of the heart” like family, relationships, health, sexuality, trends, and entertainment. On Air Tuesdays At 9pm et.