Thu, Sep 1, 2016



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Tune in Tuesday, Sept. 1st at 9pm et. to “Communication: The Value Of A Good Conversation” on Hearts Exposed Heart Radio Show. One of the biggest privileges we have as humans is the ability to communicate with one another in deep and meaningful ways. No other living creatures have the ability to relate with one another on the level that humans do. While there are many ways that we experience depth in relationship, few things are as significant and powerful in our search for connection as good conversation. Join hostess Lakrush Hearts candid discussion taking a closer look in to what makes a good conversation, how one can improve oneself in being a good conversationalist and much more. -LISTEN NOW-

What do you think make a good conversationalist?

How can you utilize the values for a good conversationalist in your everyday life?

Are you shy, if so how do you try to overcome your shyness?

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